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Hello y'all.

Without going into too much detail, I have severe asthma. I can't use inhalers or medicine because I'm allergic to them, so I have to try managing things naturally. I've been fighting major problems for over a year when things got really bad. One year ago I was completely bedridden with asthma. I've had multiple ER visits, a 5 day hospital stay and countless long nights. I am little by little improving in health and I'd love to get back into walking, running, exercising etc but the truth is I'm scared... I have no way of controlling things if I suddenly get an attack and it's really easy for me to get set back for days in my journey to normal health again. But I really WANT to be fit and 100% again... I sure could use some encouragement and/or tips on building strength slowly to make progress without making things worse. At this point I can run around and play games etc most the time with minor attacks only (unless it's a bad day, which has been every day this week lol) but for some reason my lungs struggle quite badly just to walk for extended times.   I seem to only be able to manage short bursts with long rests in between... But I want to be normal and fit again. :( Should I attempt a plan towards running or...??

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