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How long does it take to stop hurting/aching?


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I have recently started the Couch to 5K app.  I was a former swimmer in high school and college. I have NEVER been a runner/jogger.  Through the years I have gained weight and become inactive(no pool in my area to swim). I have decided with a friend to challenge ourselves and doing this app.  I am currently repeating Week 4 and having a hard time getting through it.  I am very slow, very slow and struggling.  My body, hips, and calves seem to be hurting a lot throughout the day.  I have to sit all day at work and I feel like my body gets stiff.  Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.  My husband says the body aches, pain is due to inactivity and being overweight. But after 4 weeks I would of thought it would get better.  I haven't lost any weight, or notice any difference in clothing.  Maybe I'm doing something wrong.  I drink tons of water daily but def need to work on my diet.  Thanks!

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1st, it is OK to be slow.

I am also sitting all days and my old joints do not like the exercise at all.

Try different stretches for your muscles before and after run. Do it in the rest days too!.

This one is targeted to "all day sitting" problems: http://www.stack.com/a/4-hip-flexor-stretches-to-relieve-tight-hips

Look at the c25Kprogram as a tool that slowly change your life style, it make you active again. This is the goal, isn't it?

I continue to struggle with weight, although I lost some. But the dieting is tough for me.

Pain is OK, as long it is muscle pain. It will slow change to the tiredness. Remember - no pain, no gain.

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Thank you so much for your input.  It's helpful.  I told my husband I 'm gonna get a medal for being in last place.  I know some people will be able to complete this in 8 weeks but it will take me 16 probally or longer because it's been so long since I have exercised.  I don't want to cause injury.  Thanks again


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