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5k here I come!


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Tomorrow I'll be smoke free for 90 days! I've been sedentary for the past 5 years. It started when I began taking care of my dad. He eventually went on hospice and passed away and I've just stayed in a rut ever since. I've smoked over half my life. Daddy died of lung cancer (smoker) and recently, my sister in law passed away from lung cancer (smoker, too).  I decided I could do better and now I'm almost to my 90 day milestone! This is the 3rd or 5th or 10th time I've attired to quit! It's a reality this time! Now I CAN run. I CAN breathe. 5k will be the beginning of training for 10k. This is me, 39 and holding with a Kung Fu death grip. Lol


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