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Hi All, I'm a 51 year young woman who has decided to get fit again after 20 nearly years of yo yo diets and not really doing any exercise as I'm fed up with looking awful in my clothes and being out of breath trying to walk uphill.

I've never run to keep fit before in the past I have always done aerobic  fitness classes but these days joining a gym or taking classes are just out of my budget and running is free! I am also counting calories, my diet is not that bad in general I just have to cut out all the snacks between meals and reduce my portion sizes I can bulk up meals with lots of carbs I don't need. 

As an incentive I have entered the local 10k race for life in July this year and if I stick to the plan here I will be on track!

First time out was hard but I did complete it, read some of the advice and was slower on the runs 2nd time out  and felt much better. Aiming to complete day 3 tomorrow. Is it best to leave at least a day between runs or could you do them back to back? 

Any advice gratefully received. 

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