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Best "sister" music app/solution for C25K iOS app?

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Brand new to C25K and the iOS app, absolutely LOVE the program and the iPhone application.  The app actively advertises and promotes other Zen Labs and other providers' apps, but at least for music, that's where it seems to end.  There isn't a very tight integration between C25K and say RockMyRun, which is heavily advertised within the C25K iOS app. There is literally a button for RockMyRun as an option within C25K, but when you click on it, it's just an advertisement to go download the app.  Which I did, but when you click on it after you've downloaded it, it just pops up with the advertisement to download again.  I tried using RockMyRun and C25K at the same time, it's a little flukey, lots of toggling back and forth, both apps want to run GPS at the same time, big time battery drain and much too complicated when I'm really trying to focus on running for the first time in years.  I need a simple, basic, integrated music solution that works well with C25K.  For now, I'm going the obvious route - building my own playlists in iTunes and playing them directly through the C25K app.  But it would be nice if one of the several music apps promoted through C25K were actually integrated with that app instead of just promoted.  Any other ides for the best possible "sister" music app solutions to C25K?

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I tried the RockMy Run too and it had too many commercials and I find it to be pricey. I have Comcast so downloaded the  Music Choice app. Logged in with my Comcast ID and have commercial free no cost music. Lots of channel choices too. If you have a TV provider that has the MC channels you can get this free. I just start the music then c25k and it works great. No problem hearing the cues. 

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