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First week.. Look like a tomato!

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Have tried C25k before in the last few years. Currently heavy and unfit. Started again today after a tough year when I developed severe anxiety and panic attacks. Because I felt like I couldn't breathe I stopped exercising as I used to panic when I got out of breath. I have had some CBT, started HRT and today I just went for it. Had a scary wobble after run 3 but it passed. Am now hot, sweaty and red but feel like I am on my way back. Looking forward to run 2(I think!!!) the breathing advice in this forum was really helpful so thank you xx

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I hear you. Ive also done this app before. Now ive gone totally unfit for 8 months and just reinstalled it, enough is enough! All the weight is back and then some. For me i listen to music when i run because i realized my effort would be less if i could hear myself breathing while running. (Probably related to anxiety too). Good luck to you!

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