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Hi all, my name is Ann. I feel like I've started a "big new start" a thousand times before. It's a week of motivation and wanting to change but then fizzling out before anything sticks. Maybe I don't have the discipline or my motivation is for the wrong reasons, but I know I want to be better (harder, faster, stronger!).


I'm female, 26 years old, 5'6" and hovering around 200lbs. I had some knee and hip issues that caused a lot of pain, but mostly I used them as an excuse because that was easier than confronting the fact that I was out of shape. The thing is, I remember when I was in decent shape. Never a hard body, but strong and healthy. I didn't love my body then, but did nothing about it. Now I'd kill to get back to that spot.


I want to make a change, for good. Maybe these forums will help me? My husband just decided to train for a marathon out of the blue. (That's just who he is... He once decided to sign up for a 1/2 with no training and FINISHED it. WHO DOES THAT?!?) For once, I want to join him. Not talk about maybe doing something or being the wife who stands on the sidelines cheering while he actually like is living life. Obviously I'm not thinking of a 1/2 to start. I've failed so many times that I want to work on a reasonable goal that's not too far away from my level now. But if I could do a 10k that weekend, my heart would soar.


Sorry if this is too long, but it's good to say a goal out loud, even if no one reads this. The 10k is May 7. Plenty of time, even if there are set backs or slow downs. Room to go a little slowly to take extra care of my knee. I'm excited!

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