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My C25K Journal


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Week00 of 7-Aug-2016

Fri - W1D1


Week01 of 14-Aug-2016

Sun - W1D2

Fri - W1D3


Week02 of 21-Aug-2016

Sun - W2D1

Thu - W2D2


Week03 of 28-Aug-2016

Sun - W2D3

Fri - W3D1


Week04 of 4-Sep-2016

Sun - W3D1 repeat

Fri - W3D2


Week05 of 11-Sep-2016

Sun - W3D3

Fri - W4D1


Week06 of 18-Sep-2016

Sun - W4D2

Fri - W4D3


Week07 of 25-Sep-2016

Sun - W4D3 repeat

Fri - W4D3 repeat


Week08 of 2-Oct-2016

Sun - W5D1

Fri - W5D2


Week09 of 9-Oct-2016

Sun - W5D1 repeat

Fri - W5D1 repeat


Week10 of 16-Oct-2016

Sun - W5D1 repeat

Fri - W5D1 repeat


Week11 of 23-Oct-2016

Sun - W5D1 repeat

Fri - W5D1 repeat


Week12 of 30-Oct-2016

Sun - W5D2

Fri - W6D1


Week13 of 6-Nov-2016

Sun - W5D2 repeat

Fri - W6D2



W1D1  1R 1.5W (8 times)                         1R 1.5W (6 times)  15mins

W1D2  1R 1.5W (8 times)                         1R 1.5W (8 times)  20mins

W1D3  1R 1.5W (8 times)                         1R 1.5W (8 times)  20mins

W2D1  1.5R 2W (6 times)                         1.5R 2W (4 times) 1R 1W (2 times)  18mins

W2D2  1.5R 2W (6 times)                         1.5R 2W (4 times) 1R 1W (2 times)  18mins

W2D3  1.5R 2W (6 times)                         1.5R 2W (6 times)  21mins

W3D1  1.5R 1.5W 3R 3W (2 times)          1.5R 1.5W 2.5R 2.5W 2.5R 2.5W 1.5R 1.5W  16mins

W3D2  1.5R 1.5W 3R 3W (2 times)          1.5R 1.5W 2.5R 2.5W 2.5R 2.5W 1.5R 1.5W  16mins

W3D3  1.5R 1.5W 3R 3W (2 times)          2R 2W 3R 3W 3R 3W 2R 2W  20mins

W4D1  3R 1.5W 5R 2.5W 3R 1.5W 5R    3R 2W 4R 3W 4R 3W 3R 2W  24mins

W4D2  3R 1.5W 5R 2.5W 3R 1.5W 5R    3R 2W 5R 3W 5R 3W 3R 2W  26mins

W4D3  3R 1.5W 5R 2.5W 3R 1.5W 5R    3R 2W 5R 2W 5R 2W 3R 2W  24mins

W5D1  5R 3W 5R 3W 5R                         5R 3W 6R 3W 5R  22mins

W5D2  8R 5W 8R                                     5R 3W 8R 5W 5R  26mins

W5D3  20R                                               8R 5W 8R  21mins

W6D1  5R 3W 8R 3W 5R                         10R 5W 10R  25mins

W6D2  10R 3W 10R                                 10R 3W 10R  23mins

W6D3  22R                                               15R 3W 5R  23mins

W7D1  25R                                               20R  20mins

W7D2  25R                                               20R  20mins

W7D3  25R                                               25R  25mins

W8D1  28R                                               28R  28mins

W8D2  28R                                               30R  30mins

W8D3  30R                                               35R  35mins

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I'm 48 years old and haven't been running for 10-15 years.  My initial goal was to make myself jog around the tracks 3 times a week.  I now managed to run twice a week (Friday 8pm after work, and Sunday 7pm before dinner).  I found myself easily out of breath and cannot even complete 400m.  Had to walk-and-jog for 3 to 4 laps around the stadium, covering at most 1.6km.


That's when I discovered this app and it fits my current situation and goals.  When I started W1D1, I almost gave up after the 4th set (4 of 8) jogging only 60secs each time.  Now I'm at W5D1 able to jog continuously for 5mins.


I'm struggling to run past 5mins so that I can attempt W5D2 again, which requires running 8mins continuously.  My immediate goal is to run 2.4km under 13mins (did that 30 years ago .....).



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Distance or Speed?


First I need to build up the stamina and endurance to run continuously for 8mins (W5D2), then 10mins (W6D2).  After that I will keep track of the distance covered in:

20mins (W5D3),

22mins (W6D3),

25mins (W7D1),

28mins (W8D1),

30mins (W8D3).


Once I'm comfortable running 30mins non-stop, I should aim for number of laps around the 400m stadium:

3.2km (2 miles) or 8 laps (W5D3),

3.6km (2.25 miles) or 9 laps (W6D3),

4km (2.5 miles) or 10 laps (W7D1),

4.4km (2.75 miles) or 11 laps (W8D1),

5km (3.1 miles) or 12.5 laps (W8D3).


Finally, when I can run 5km non-stop, I will aim for speed or pace (6mins/km or 9:39mins/mile or 2:24mins/lap):

6.0km/h or 10mins/km or 50mins/5km,

6.5km/h or 9:14mins/km or 46:10mins/5km,

7.0km/h or 8:34mins/km or 42:50mins/5km,

7.5km/h or 8mins/km or 40mins/5km,

8.0km/h or 7:30mins/km or 37:30mins/5km,

8.5km/h or 7:04mins/km or 35:20mins/5km,

9.0km/h or 6:40mins/km or 33:20mins/5km,

9.5km/h or 6:19mins/km or 31:35mins/5km,

10km/h or 6mins/km or 30mins/5km.





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I decided to re-start the C25K program, this time keeping track of my total distance and pace.  Keep on running if I can, less walking.


Week14 of 13-Nov-2016

Fri - W1D1    2.11km    19:38mins    9:17min/km


Week15 of 20-Nov-2016

Sun - W1D2    2.18km    19:44mins    9:02min/km

Mon - W3D3    (11,9,13,9,13)    11,9,10,8,8 = 46 pushups.

Tue - W3D1    (4,3,4,3,4)    4,3,4,4,5 = 20 pullups.

Wed - W3D3 repeat    (11,9,13,9,13)    11,9,11,9,9 = 49 pushups.


Week16 of 27-Nov-2016

Sun - W1D3    2.13km    21:09mins    9.54min/km

Mon - W3D3 repeat    (11,9,13,9,13)    11,9,10,8,8 = 46 pushups.

Wed - W3D2    (5,3,4,3,5)    4,5,5,4,5 = 23 pullups.

Thu - W3D3 repeat    (11,9,13,9,13)    11,9,13,9,10 = 52 pushups.

Fri - W2D1    2.22km    21:12mins    9:33min/km


Week17 of 04-Dec-2016

Sun - W2D2    2.13km    20:36mins    9:40min/km

Tue - W3D3    (6,5,4,3,6)    6,5,4,3,6 = 24 pullups.

Fri - W2D3    2.32km    21:52mins    9.24min/km


Week18 of 11-Dec-2016

Tue - W4D1    (5,4,5,6,7)    5,4,5,6,7 = 27 pullups.

Fri - W3D1    2.26km    21:36mins    9.33min/km


Week19 of 18-Dec-2016

Wed - W4D2     (7,6,5,6,7)     7,6,5,6,7 = 31 pullups.


Week20 of 25-Dec-2016

Mon - W3D2    2.60km    24:08mins    9:17min/km

Fri - W3D3    2.58km    24:10mins    9:20min/km


Week21 of 01-Jan-2017

Fri - W4D1    2.22km    21:13mins    9:31min/km


Week22 of 08-Jan-2017

Sun - W4D2    2.61km    26:33mins    10:09min/km

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