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First day down, life to go!


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Once again, I'm "starting." I'm a TOFI (Thin--sorta--Outside, Fat Inside) and although I'm not a true couch potato, I haven't RAN in years. Can I really do this without wrecking my joints at 50+?


Just did the very first day, and felt it mostly in my shins. Ugh! I do NOT want shin splints! Any recommendations of how to avoid/prevent the impact injuries?


I need an accountability partner, too, to make this stick...anybody out there care to join me "for the long haul?"

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I'd like to drop 10-15 pounds...but more importantly, convert some fat to muscle (which, I realize, weighs more for its volume).


I recently read Younger Next Year by Crowley and Lodge...(If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it! Very motivating!)... and need to get serious about "battling back the tide" of aging and decline.


Care to tell me any more about yourself, DonnyD? Would you like to be accountability partners, or do you even need that?

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