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I'm a newbie and need help!


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I've never been a good runner, I can hardly run around the block. I've alway been overweight and I'm trying to change my ways because I'm fed up of how I look... I really want to change, but I have no motivation and I just binge eat all the time which puts my mood at a low. I'm from the UK and I just feel like I need some motivational people to help me out along the way with tips and help and just genuinely nice people!

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I am a newbie too. I just started last week. I did the entire week and I was surprised at how well I did. I, like you have never been a runner, and have always considered myself as overweight. It didn't take overnight to get here and I won't change overnight either. One step at a time. You will be surprised at how quickly a minute passes when you are running. I am going to add music to my run next week to help take my mind off of running. lol Just get started and before you know it you will have one week under your belt. You can do this!!

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