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  1. I picked up a Karrimor one from Sports Direct and it is great.
  2. Well done SteadyMan , you sound to be doing great! I am just on wk 3 day 1 and it is a big change! I am running with my son (who is usually way ahead of me) and from being a complete non runner (but cyclist) I am finding it tough but getting there.
  3. Emma, keep going. Every time you click the 'done' button you have made a real achievement!! Will follow your progress!
  4. I am trying this with my son (aged10) as a means for us both to be a bit more serious about exercise. We are only on week 1 day 2 but we are doing ok so far. I also do Zumba (which I love and highly recommend) and cycling (which I also love). I do struggle to regulate my breathing a little bit with running though - hoping it will get easier!
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