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Warming Up Problem

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I'm very new to running, although have been doing lots of walking so fitness not quite rock bottom!  However I'm finding it more difficult to do the runs at the beginning than towards the end of the workout.  Its like I take ages to warm up and get into the swing of things.  My warm up is really just a fast walk.  Any advice would be welcome.  Thanks

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If I have the time, I really like to do some dynamic stretches as well as static stretches before I even do my warm up walk.  Typically for me, I'm in the same boat as you - walking just doesn't get me warmed up enough.  
Static stretches are those that you basically keep still for - like a deep lunge, calf stretches, heels to your butt, etc.  Dynamic stretches are more like a 10 yard pace of high knees, walking lunges, skipping, etc.  That gets me warmed up a lot better and I feel more ready for my runs.

Good luck!

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