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just about to finish week 2 and just found these forums.  nervous about the week 3 running.  a little history, i was diagnosed with diabetes about 2 months ago.  i went to my doc because i was having trouble breathing (generally thats not a good sign).  at first he thought it was stress but after looking at my blood test results quickly changed his mind.  my a1c test was over 400 (its supposed to be under 100).  my life had to change.


luckily one of the guys i work with, his wife is a nurse and she has helped me immensely.  i had lost over 40#'s from what i thought was walking my dogs daily and was pretty pleased with my self.  turns out, the diabetes had something to do with it.  what a bummer.  my doc said i would probably gain a lot of the weight back and i didnt like that response so i decided to not gain it back.


and now i am running.  well, walking and running.  soon to be running.  i have done pretty good with not gaining the weight back so far.  not drinking soda has helped.  limiting carbs and sugar has helped.  no beer :(


anyway, i really am liking the c25k app and will hopefully be running my first 5k "race" in the next couple of months and then more and longer after that. 

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