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Hi all!


Just finished W1D2 and it was HARD!! I somehow thought today would be easier than day 1 but it really wasn't.


I tried this app last year and several things got in the way and I had to stop before even completing the first week. This time i'm seriously motivated and while I can't say that i'm enjoying it yet (my 2 runs have consisted of me thinking "i hate this, i hate this" theoughout the entire thing), I must say that I feel a sense of achievment when I'm done!.


A little about me. I'm 1.70cm (5'7") and currently weigh 92.2kg (no idea in pounds sorry!). Before having my son I weighed around 70kg and the day I went into hospital to have him I weighed 110kg!. He's now nearly 4 and the last few years i've yo yoed between 90 and 95 and i'm sick of it.


So i've started this plan in the hopes that i'll actually learn to live excersise and be able to finally shed those pregnancy kilos. I'm allowing myself 11 weeks to complete the plan as I have a feeling i'm going to need to repeat some weeks and 11 weeks actually takes me up to my 31st birthday so I'd like to have it down by then.


I'm struggling slightly to find somewhere decent to run. I don't like to run where people can see me so my only option at the moment is a track near my house. Unfortunately its down hill on the way out and uphill on the way back, making those last 2 or e intervals really hard. Combining that with having to run into the wind on my way back today I think thats what made my run so awfull. On Day 1 I ran all of the intervals except for the last 5/10 seconds on run 7 and 8. But today I had to starting walking half way through run 6 because I got a stitch and walked run 7 entirely. I did manage to run all of run 8 though. All in all I completed the workout in almost exactly the same time as Day 1 but I feel slightly disappointes that I had to walk so much :(


Once I can run for longer intervals and don't mind people seeing me there are some lovely routes near my house where the ground in more level. I'm hoping that soo. I'll be able to get over my embaressment and actually start enjoying running

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I think it's so great you're doing this! Great job fighting that uphill battle (literally). Terrain like that can be so tough. I mostly run on a treadmill since I'm waiting for the weather to get better, but I did one workout on my road and the hills were a killer. I hated running into the wind too, when I was already started I realized I should have put something on to cover my ears.


Keep up the good work! Good idea stretching the program out, I had to retry a day of week 2 twice and got stuck again on week 6. I'm about to start week 7, it's hard but worth it! Try not to be negative while running- tell yourself, I can do it!! Just a little longer!! Don't quit!! Good music definitely helps motivate me too :)

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