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week five day two

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Hello all! I completed week five day two and I feel great! I started this program as a way to add to the eliptical and bike riding I was doing, along with weight training, in the gym. Since I live Michigan, I did the first four weeks on the treadmill and just got to running outside this past week. My first goal is to improve my overall fitness - 25lbs lost so far- and the second is to run three 5k's this year. If things go well, I'll meet that goal and more! Good luck to all of you on your own personal journeys!

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Hey Howard! Good going with the training. You are one day ahead of me with the program. I am still training on a treadmill, it is hard where I live to go out for a run! Good luck with the 5k runs.

I have signed up for a 5k tough mudder and a 10k in July.

Well done with the weight loss, keep going :)

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