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First run completed

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This morning at about 5am I pushed myself out the door and completed day one.

I felt awful, fat and worried, so that's why I chose to get out before sunrise.

Feeling good for completing it and just wishing I had done it ages ago.

Haven't been the gym for about 3 months now due to anxiety and my friend who used to come with me is due to have surgery on a pin in her foot, she is the only one who I felt comfortable going to class with and now I have nobody there...ridiculous I know :(

Just want to be fitter and lose this damn weight x

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Guest TrishE

No need to feel silly or ridiculous. Working out and working on making yourself healthy is a long and hard process. We all need a routine and having a work out buddy as part of that routine is totally normal and so is being thrown off by losing part of that routine. The important thing is that youre getting back out there and starting again :)

congrats on day one. We are all here for you!

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Hi, Noeleen, I was gasping for breath when I first started. I started breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth, making an audible "Ha!" sound (push the air from your lungs forcefully). Keep your shoulders and chest down (don't raise it when you breathe). You may not feel your belly expanding (it's ok).


Feel free to repeat any day/week as long as you want. My experience so far is that all 3 days in the same Week are the same workout. So, you may want to complete all 3 days of the same week before repeating any of the days.

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