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For my boys


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Fatherhood is a funny thing. As a man we have so many gender specific roles to follow. I'm in a place were I am the primary caretaker and my wife is the one with the awesome job. Never in a million years did I think I would be Mr. Housewife. I am here though and I have let myself go a little. I used to (try to) race bicycles the last 4 years I was around 155-165lbs then, today I'm 195lbs at most 199lbs. I just don't have time to go on 5 hour bike rides any longer. I am finding that running might be the ticket to confidence and a healthy lifestyle. ...which brings me to my goal. I want to get to 170lbs by new years. I want to do this for myself but also to show my boys that there is more than one way to get what you want. I want them to see me as an active parent not dad with the jiggly belly [their words(ouch)].


170 by new years!

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Guest TrishE

Best of luck :) family is such a great reason to want to be healthy. It'll be a great example to set for your kiddos. My three year old goes running with my husband and I and loves to hop out of his stroller and run when we are on our cool down.

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