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Stagnant/Decline at Week 7

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I just finished week 7. The program has been awesome and I'm proud and amazed by my progress. However, during week 7, I did not continue to improve. I actually did worse over the 3 runs. I'm barely doing 2 miles in the 25 minutes. Now, with one week left and the 5k on Saturday, I'm getting nervous. Any tips on how I can get back on track?

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I'm sure others will come back with the same message.  The goal is to raise your endurance and stamina at first.  Worry about speed later.  When I got my hip flexor injury, I was averaging about 7:00/km - meaning if I'd been able to finish the last couple of sessions, I would be doing 5K in 35 minutes (having done 4km in 28 minutes before the injury hit).  The plan was to just get the 5K and then see if I could shave that 7:00/km to 6:00/km to get to the "5K in a half hour" that the app targets.  Then I wanted to start stretching that out to 10K.

As long as you're moving forward, you ARE on track.

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