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Just Starting...again

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I have a bad habit of not finishing things so I'm starting the c25k program again this summer. I'm off to college in the fall and want to be in better shape especially with all the walking, running, and biking I'll have to do to get across campus.

The biggest challenge for me doing this is my arthritis which fortunately never bothered me u tile unfortunately this year. I think what really set it off was participating in my school's minithon (12 hour dance marathon, no sitting allowed) in March this year and ever since my ankle and foot have been really hurting me to the point where I'm even reluctant to run downstairs to my room if I forgot my phone.

I'm doing the program on our elliptical so maybe I'm cheating a little but there's no way my foot would make it through a real half hour run at this stage.

My main goal is to get in shape before college so when I can't get to class its not because of my body but actually because of something I can't change so I'm alternating the run with some crunches and other equipment free workouts, hopefully this works.

I'm on week two day two and I'm already starting to feel better about my figure and fitness.

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