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completely new to formal exercise


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I'm 32, and overweight. I made some resolutions for new years. 1 was to quit smoking, I have been quit for 4 months today. I feel like my lungs have healed sufficiently To start a real exercise system.

I wanted it to be something I enjoyed. I enjoy walking and would like to end up being able to run. Being able to run has always facinated me. So I got referee to this program from a Facebook page.

so this is the start of my next goal, to become healthy.

I'm knocking out most soda, I'm allowing myself two 12 Oz cups a day ( can be soda or my tea, but only 2). And to drink water the rest of the time. Which is difficult for me, as I absolutely hate drinking water.

But I'm trying my best, and that is all I can do. my best will get better, but it is what it is for now.

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Guest TrishE

I understand. It's very hard when youre trying to become healthy and you feel like youre on your own. its a very long and tough journey. You will become that great example for your husband. He will see how amazing youre doing and how great you will feel and hopefully decide he wants that too.

You have made that first step and thats the most important one. We on the forums are all here for you and are proud you decided to join the healthy movement  :) If you need something a bit more tangible find a friend who wants to get healthy and encourage them to join you.   

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Hi Ash Bloom. Well done for giving up smoking- know how hard that in itself can be but so worth it - we did 16 years ago now & saved the money we used to spend using it to have a fabulous holiday within 10 months. Really puts the focus on. I haven't been terribly active for a long time, now 50 & I want to be fit & healthy to enjoy the rest of our lives and time with our grandchildren. Decide on a goal you want to achieve for yourself & put it up everywhere so you can see it daily. Good luck.

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