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Fully qualified couch potato


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Hey everyone.

Thought it was about time I got off my butt and started making a change. I've suffered depression and agoraphobia the past few years but I'm finally on the mend and want to do something about my body to help with my confidence. I've got my diet back on track, and I've been doing an exercise DVD the past 10 days but I want to do more.

I thought taking up jogging would be a good idea. It'll boost my confidence with going outside and help my body get back to how I want it. I've found a pretty secluded route so hopefully I'll be okay. I intend to start tomorrow morning, wish me luck! I'm super nervous.

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Guest TrishE

Welcome kerripoppins!!

Exercise is not only a great way to work out your body but it also is a great way to work out your mind and boost your mood! I wish you the best of luck and know we are here for help and encouragement if need be :)

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