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  1. Hey guys thanks for all your advice. I'm getting way too paranoid about running though as it suffered a previous miscarriage and I'm so scared of doing anything that may not be 110% safe and I find myself avoiding going. Also I haven't even seen the doctor yet as the system for pregnancy where I live is ridiculous. Almost 3 weeks after finding out I'm still told to just wait a few more weeks for a midwife to contact me so I guess this is the end of running for me for now
  2. Hey guys, I literally just found out that I'm pregnant this morning. Probably about 6 weeks gone by now. I'm on week 4, so I've been running throughout the whole thing. Is it okay to carry on? Or should I stop? I've lost almost a stone this past month, I've been doing so well! But now I'm going to get fat again haha. Scary!!
  3. I started at 13st 9lbs and now I'm on 12st 11lbs! Just finished week 3 days 3 today although I've also been eating well (only one or two cheat days In the past month) and doing a 20 minute exercise DVD every day
  4. I'm a female, 5'7" and I weigh 12st 11lb. I've just finished week 3 day 3 and I'm finding it too easy. Considering I am overweight and before this program I never had exercised, how is that possible? I do the whole program, but have enough energy left to just run non stop the whole way back? Am I just not running fast enough or am I suddenly super fit? Haha. Obviously I don't sprint but I'm not super slow? Just normal jogging speed.
  5. Oh I'm sorry to hear you're having pain too maybe you should go to the doctors too and see what they say?
  6. Thank you for your reply. I did go to the doctors yesterday and they said it might be some sort of arthurtitis (can't remember the specific name), but something that comes and goes occasionly. I was told to just take painkillers and try to book some physiotherapy. Although I did week 1 day 2 yesterday and my hip wasn't so bad afterwards. Maybe I can strengthen it with jogging.
  7. So I started this program just yesterday morning, had a lovely jog and all went well. I didn't push myself too hard as it was my first time and I was nervous, also I knew I had to save energy for my exercise DVD when I got home.. Within an hour of getting home.. PAIN. My right hip was agony. I could barely walk for the rest of the day. Every step it was killing me. I hardly got a wink of sleep last night as every time I rolled over it hurt like hell. Doing my school run this morning I was almost crying, but it eased up a bit (or I just got used to the pain) and hobbled my way back home. It still hurts a lot now but I can deal with it, but if I sit for long it stiffens up again and is absolute agony. I had problems with my hip about 6 years ago, it hurt for about 6 months and I didn't know why or what caused it, but nothing since. What do I do? Does this mean I can't run? Should I go to the doctors..? I don't want to give it up, I really enjoyed it yesterday
  8. Hey everyone. Thought it was about time I got off my butt and started making a change. I've suffered depression and agoraphobia the past few years but I'm finally on the mend and want to do something about my body to help with my confidence. I've got my diet back on track, and I've been doing an exercise DVD the past 10 days but I want to do more. I thought taking up jogging would be a good idea. It'll boost my confidence with going outside and help my body get back to how I want it. I've found a pretty secluded route so hopefully I'll be okay. I intend to start tomorrow morning, wish me luck! I'm super nervous.
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