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Proper Breathing while running

Guest Dlovely1

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Guest Jerrod

Thought I would throw my .02 in since there was no replies.

First and foremost, I'm not an expert. But, this is what has helped me.

Breathe in through your nose and out with your mouth. This can be really hard to do when you are not used to it. I'm not 100%, but when my legs are sore and I want to quit, I focus on that, it helps.

Breathe with your stomach and not your chest. This allows you to fill the bottom part of your lungs and helps with fully oxygenating your blood.

I've also read that you should breathe in for four steps and out for three. This is supposed to help with fatigue because you are breathing out on the impact of different feet.

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I also am not an expert, but I have noticed it helps me a lot to breathe in through nose for 3-4 beats/steps and out through mouth for 2-3. If you let your breathing get too fast you can hyperventilate and your lungs get fatigued much faster. I've also noticed it's important to keep breathing at this rhythm when walking or otherwise you can get light headed.

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