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My progress - wk 12

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I have posted under general discussion as I received an email which I don't think is genuine. Anyway, as I have not been on the forum for a few weeks thought I would post my progress to date.


Beginning of January I started the couch to 10k ready to run a 10k on 26 April. So there I am age 40+ never ran before in my life and had not exercised for years! Always found exercise sooooooo boring.


So here I am, 12 weeks on and THIS GIRL CAN RUN. I have followed the programme exactly and still can't believe that I can now run nearly 6 miles! I completed a 5k park run a few weeks ago, running it in 33 mins - can't tell you how pleased I was. I am on track to complete the 10k on 26 April.


For me running first thing in morning is he best time - so tomorrow my alarm will go off at 4.45am and I will be out the door by 5am. When I run in the mornings I run along the main road, where there is traffic and cyclists going by, with me wearing reflective gear. When I run during the day or early evenings then I venture off the main road and enjoy running my local golf course.


I think I have found a form of exercise that I can actually say I enjoy! Once I get going I get into it and do enjoy it, I love being outside in the fresh air and upon completing my run feel invigorated and a huge sense of achievement.


So for anyone reading this who is at the start of their running journey..........if I can do this then so can you.



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Guest TrishE

Thank you for your story and congrats on your success!

I too received the message and reported it. No one should be asking for your personal communication. 

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