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My first 5K completed! Amazing!

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Ran my first 5K this morning. I finished the c25k app about a week ago. The app was great! I used that and the Nike running app as well. My best 5k according to my app was 25:37 and I was having a fantastic running day. My goal for my first 5k was under 26 minutes. I told family and friends that was my goal and if it was under 25 minutes I would be astonished! Well the morning of the 5k I was very excited and got there an hour and a half early to register, walk for a few, and get a feel for what was going on. The start of the race I started a little back from the starting line, expecting quite a few to be faster than me. When the gun went off, off we went. I could tell I was pacing faster than normal but it felt good. About a mile in I had passed plenty of people and there was a little pack I was staying behind to keep pace with someone and challenge myself a bit. At the half was point we had a 180 degree turn and I started counting how many people were in front of me. I counted only 23! (There was also a 10k going on in the same time and they went straight at the 180 turn, otherwise it would have been a few more!) made the turn and kept on trucking. Passed mile two and had slowed down a little but still going strong. Getting to that third mile was a bit harder but adrenaline kicked in when I saw the finish line up ahead! Got to about that .1 from the finish and I heard foot steps coming up quick behind me! "Ohhhhhh no you don't" is what I thought and really picked it up and finished strong without him passing me! Incredibly I finished with a chip time of 23:43. 23:43! I couldn't believe it. Paced 7:33 average mile and my best mile was 7:23. Finished 22nd overall, 16th in men's category and in my age class I finished 2nd, landing me a medal!!! The guy that was right on my tail at the end.....the guy that placed 3rd in my age group! It was an incredible day and race and I had a blast! Definitely learned a few things....slow down a bit at the beginning and not be so influenced by other runners speeds, and try to get a good line so you corner the track more to run more of a curved line to run shorter distances. But it was great and you all are great! Gonna start training for the 10k next week! Good luck everyone, and run on!

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