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  1. Ran my first 5K this morning. I finished the c25k app about a week ago. The app was great! I used that and the Nike running app as well. My best 5k according to my app was 25:37 and I was having a fantastic running day. My goal for my first 5k was under 26 minutes. I told family and friends that was my goal and if it was under 25 minutes I would be astonished! Well the morning of the 5k I was very excited and got there an hour and a half early to register, walk for a few, and get a feel for what was going on. The start of the race I started a little back from the starting line, expecting quite a few to be faster than me. When the gun went off, off we went. I could tell I was pacing faster than normal but it felt good. About a mile in I had passed plenty of people and there was a little pack I was staying behind to keep pace with someone and challenge myself a bit. At the half was point we had a 180 degree turn and I started counting how many people were in front of me. I counted only 23! (There was also a 10k going on in the same time and they went straight at the 180 turn, otherwise it would have been a few more!) made the turn and kept on trucking. Passed mile two and had slowed down a little but still going strong. Getting to that third mile was a bit harder but adrenaline kicked in when I saw the finish line up ahead! Got to about that .1 from the finish and I heard foot steps coming up quick behind me! "Ohhhhhh no you don't" is what I thought and really picked it up and finished strong without him passing me! Incredibly I finished with a chip time of 23:43. 23:43! I couldn't believe it. Paced 7:33 average mile and my best mile was 7:23. Finished 22nd overall, 16th in men's category and in my age class I finished 2nd, landing me a medal!!! The guy that was right on my tail at the end.....the guy that placed 3rd in my age group! It was an incredible day and race and I had a blast! Definitely learned a few things....slow down a bit at the beginning and not be so influenced by other runners speeds, and try to get a good line so you corner the track more to run more of a curved line to run shorter distances. But it was great and you all are great! Gonna start training for the 10k next week! Good luck everyone, and run on!
  2. Woot! Finished first 5k in 23:43, 2nd in my age group (25-29) and 22nd overall! I was amazed at my time. I was going for under 26 minutes and figured I'd be doing great if I was under 25 minutes. Would have never thought I would have run in under 24! Thank you guys for all the encouragement and look forward to progressing more using the c210k app. Run on all my friends!
  3. Got back from the last run of the c25k! Have my first 5k on Saturday and sooooo looking forward to it! My fastest 5k time according to one of my apps is 25:37 so I'm hoping to keep it under 26 minutes! Was crazy to think 2 months ago I wouldn't have thought for a second to run at all and now I run 4 miles at a time. I'll post my 5k results on Saturday! Wish me luck!
  4. Glad you're enjoying it! Happy to have you on here!
  5. When I started running as well, those 3 minutes of running was horrible and I thought, no way can I run 5 minutes next week, and definitely not 20 minutes a few weeks after that! I just finished week 6 and I'm thinking back how hard I first thought those 3 minutes were. You will get there and don't let it slow you down. Push those bad thoughts out of your head and run run run! You will do great!
  6. I've been going strong so far. A little sore at times, but nothing major. I'm averaging a little over 2.5 miles in the 30 minutes. Seems like a lot right? but I know it's accurate. I've got a garmin fenix I run with and google maps agrees with the distance. But I've been really enjoying the run, and am looking at doing my first 5k on March 14. Will keep you all posted!
  7. Limited and a trike? Nice bikes! I don't need all that yet, but at times would be nice! My wife would like the tourpak but she's also wanting to learn how to ride...may be a sportster or something in our near future!
  8. Metric, Harley, they're both bikes! I just love riding in general! I've been living in Florida for 2 years now and love the riding year round here. Moved from Chicago so was a huge change!
  9. Thanks everyone! Shannon, yes rhabdo can affect anything that is a muscle. In my case, it affected me kidneys slightly, but not severe, my gall bladder, and at first they were thinking my heart as well, but after quite a few visits to the cardiologist, he said I was all good. It was no fun at all, especially trying to explain it to a little one. Luckily my wife is a nurse and was able to force me to go to the hospital to get it all worked out, otherwise I would have sat there and waited for it to just go away...Would not have been good in this case! Azatol, I'll have to do that..just not quite sure yet how to do so. Says my files are too big, and if I go to put on an attachment, it asks for a URL..... I'm all for showing her off, it's a 2008 Street Glide with Vance & Hines 2-1 and a bit of other stuff. Nothing crazy yet! I work for Harley Davidson though, so much more to come!
  10. Good morning, my name is Mike, 29 years old, married and have a 3 year old son, Mikey III. Just started c25k last Thursday. Just got back from my run of w2d2. Been going strong so far. Had some health issues about 2 months ago (rhabdomyolysis, if any of you are in the medical field) that put me in a hospital and practically useless for about 2 weeks, but feeling great now! Look forward to being encouraged on here, and to see how you all are doing!
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