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For gasping for air to over the moon

Guest Ali

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Yesterday I ran my first 5k which is halfway the 10k app I am doing and I feel over the moon... If you ever doubt your capabilty then let me tell you that when I started I was badly gasping for air after the 90 seconds jog in the early stages and sometimes needed to stop. My comfort zone was never beyond 1 minute jogging.


Yesterday, i ran 30 minutes non-stop and it was a breeze that I even went ahead and did my weight lifting routine right after. The 30 minutes run felt like an extended warm up session if anything (isn't that just a fancy way of warming up?)


While success brought me joy yesterday, I have to say that dedication, persistance, and self motivation brought much more important depth to the achievement, self-respect that is.


Success is amazing, but self-respect is priceless.


I'm very grateful to the guys behind this app it's a life changer!


Thank you!


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I tried to start week 4 last week and felt for the 1st time it beat me.  I'm going to try week 4 again tomorrow.  I can't wait till I can run for 30 minutes straight.  This inspires me.


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Stick with it bubs and Tara, and ur success story is almost guaranteed and it's well worth it. When I made this post I couldn't believe myself running 30mins non-stop, but few days ago I actually did the 10k and finished the app, and yes I still can't believe I jogged for 60 mins non-stop and without gasping.


Ps. I fast skipped some of the final weeks' days as I felt I could do it, so just listen to your body if it tells you to repeat a day or two do that and if it tells you to jump and skip a day or two also dont be afraid just do it because you can!

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