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Week 6 Day 3 Done!

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I was hoping by Week 6 it would get easier but not really. I made it through Week 6 Day 3 without stopping which I had been really worried about. I'm not sure, though, whether I should move on to Week 7 or do Week 6 over until I feel really comfortable running it. Also, I feel like I could use some leg strengthening exercises. Any suggestions? Thanks all!

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Guest TrishE

Hello :) Congrats on making it so far already!

Its totally up to you about redoing a week, Im always of the mindset that you never know if you can move on unless you give it a shot. You should never be afraid to try. Theres no test or anything :) 

Strength training is a great thing to do on your off days! Im a huge fan of body weight exercises especially when first starting out. There are tons of workouts that are specific to runners if thats the way you want to go.

Good luck! Keep us posted :)

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TrishE...I took your advice.  I completed Week 7 Day 1 this morning.  Jogged right through the 25 minutes.  It was hard but it wouldn't be worth the feeling of accomplishment if it wasn't, right?  Going to do some strength training exercises tomorrow.  I found some online for runners so I will start with those.  Thanks for your support and encouragement!

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