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Soooo excited to have found you!!!!


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Hi all,


I'm also new here on the forum. I've started the program a couple of weeks ago and I am now at week 4 day 2.

I'm so excited I've found this forum to read and learn as I go along. ;)


I run on a treadmill. I am 39 years old. As I am a mother of 5 :blink:(2 of mine and 3 stepchildren), finding time to go outside for a run is sometimes difficult.

The first 3 weeks I walked at a speed of 3 mph en ran at 5 mph. But when I started week 4 I noticed that I had trouble keeping and I was way out of breath. ^_^

So after doing some research online I reduced my running speed to 4 mph. I feel great now. I feel the workout better in my legs (if you know what I mean).


Anyone has experienced this too?







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Welcome welcome! Thanks for joining the forum! we are here for help and encouragement if need be. I hope you keep us posted on your progress. 

I have not gone through that because I fortunately have opportunities to run outside but I am very happy that you have found the perfect speed for your workout! Everyone is different when it comes to things like that. 

Good luck and keep it up!

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Hi Dess, I completely understand! I have 4 kids and unless it want to wake up and run before my husband leaves for work, or run after the kids go to bed - which I'm not apt to do right now - I run inside on an elliptical. The first few weeks I would run at 5 - 5.5mph, but week 4 and 5 I've had to cut back to between 4 - 4.5mph so I would have endurance to get to the the end of the running segment. I just completed wk5d3 and was able to run the 20 mins without running less than 4mph and I was barely out of breath at the end.

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