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  1. I just worked it out- touch the music icon and the music player screen slides down, hooray!
  2. Hello, Recently a new in-app music player menu has popped up right on top of my week/day selection menu and I can't move it. There is a small arrow in the top-centre of the music player menu which looks like it would slide the menu down, but it's not working. Also, the cross to remove the in-app purchase banner doesn't work either, it just goes straight to the purchase screen. I've included a photo on a Google doc (image attachments not working here, even when compressed): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VgWJNgNgYVZAdGh1yisFmz05f0_AzxC_pQnksPGwOqY/edit Thank you! Bren
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