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    42 yo mom- never ran before

    I've never run before. Seriously. A year ago I was finally diagnosed with congenital hip dysplasia. In August of last year I had my left hip replaced then in October, my right hip. I never knew I was broken. Just thought some people hurt all the time. Well, this past week I finally realized I am not broken any more. I walked several miles a day and it felt wonderful. I have never felt the freedom of just walking without the fear of pain cutting a day short. So now I have a wild hair up my butt. What if I could run? How wonderful would that feel? I've never been able to run. My legs were different lengths and would not go together. Now I 'walk like a girl', my hips sway, and I have a normal gait. Dr says as long as it feels okay to do it with the exception of heavy weight lifting. Like power lifting. No problem with that. So here I am. A true beginner. Just learned to walk now I'm wanting to run. I work overnights so I'll be playing with when to run/ jog. Before shift or after. A bit overweight. Really more nervous than anything. So..... Hi!