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    Natasha reacted to KellyAnn in C25K to 10K Trainer Question   
    hmmmm, good question. I am not in an area where I can go do a 5k. So I do that by myself. If you are feeling awesome, surely skip ahead on the 10k app, but if you cant do that then just backup a few weeks and see how you do. You know your body and what you are capable of. I love these apps for keeping me motivated.
    Keep us posted as to what you do!
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    Natasha reacted to Natasha in Top of Foot pain   
    I made it to week 5day 2 ,and started having top of foot pain on left foot. I think I was running to often sometimes and not taking a rest day. I now haven't been able to run for eight or nine days, and tried to run last night and it was o.k but the next morning my foot started hurting again!!! Am I getting something wrong when running to hurt my foot?
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