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  1. I know it's several brands out here and I am just trying to find the best that reads out your texts also and you can speak to reply. I want these for when I workout with great quality and a pair that want break or mess up after a few months of having. If any one has advice please help!
  2. What to do when it's cook out time? Bring your own food to eat or eat what is around what you eat daily to stay on track. ?

  3. Kells


    I will add push up to my exercise and start nite
  4. Kells


    I do a smoothis usually in the morning on the way to work, I snack on carrots or chex mix during snack time and do a smoothie for lunch and dinner too sometimes and water. I haven't had a real meal since Monday and I feel good and lighter. I am started tracking what I eat Tuesday.
  5. Kells


    I just started eating all the way like I should on the 11th. My biggest issue was sweets. I've been doing push ups and eating right but I haven't lost a pound yet. So I decided yesterday to start walking. Any ideas anyone that may can help burn pounds.
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