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  1. Awesome. Thanks Sarah. I'll check it out right now!
  2. Thanks all! I plan do to w1d2 tomorrow morning before work. I hope I can get some decent sleep.
  3. ladies....I need your help and support. I wear a 34 DD...any ideas for really supportive bras that are not extremely expensive?
  4. Hey all- I just started today and am excited to continue. I had ACL reconstruction surgery last September and aside from the five months of PT following surgery, this was the first legit workout I have done. I'm icing now as a precaution but feeling good. Calves feel a bit rubbery but it felt great to be active and running again. I am 24, about 5'5, and weigh maybe 170. I don't have a scale, nor do I want one at this point. I know I need to shed fat. Definitely don't need a scale to tell me that at this point. I'm excited for this adventure. I just hope I can stick with it and make it a priority in my life. That's always been my downfall. Best wishes to you all! K
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