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  1. No he wasn't my dog, he belongs to another classmate. He wasn't aggressive either, he simply objected to be held down and stuck with needles. I have been doing squats and lunges but those alone don't feel like they've been helping and because of my lack of stamina I get tired very quickly even doing that. Besides, I've been wanting to learn how to run for a few years now but I didn't know where to start and it all seemed so overwhelming! So I start tomorrow!
  2. Hi there. As the title says I'm studying to be a vet tech and I never really realized how weak my legs were until I had to try to restrain a large dog so mu classmate could try to draw blood from his jugular vein. The hold required me to sort of half squat and hold onto him with my knees so he couldn't wiggle backward. My legs wouldn't stop trembling and started cramping up after only a few seconds. This simply will not do. I also am overweight and have very low stamina so I thought this might be a good way to (pardon the expression) kill three birds with one stone.
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