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  1. Thanks so much for responding! I really appreciate your help and motivation! Today I am noticing swelling on that knee planning to visit my doctor. One quick question about walking program how does it work .. should I walk fast instead of jogging for 60 sec time interval?
  2. Hi A bit about myself, I haven't worked out in years!(something I am not proud of), I gained 50lbs in the past 3 years and I am overweight by 30 lbs. I am diagnosed with Pre-diabetic and we want to try for kids, my doctor said that I need to lose weight.(solution for most of the issues I am facing). Started this c25k from yesterday and finished first day. I have few questions and would appreciate your help! 1. I am not able to run even for 1 min.. is this the case for anyone..or is it just me? how can I improve myself. 2. Four years ago I was in a accident which hurt my knee, I was diagonsed with runners knee. Since yesterday, one of my knees(my good one), is stiff and it is making cracking noise when I am hopping. What should I do. Please help! Thanks! Nikki
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