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  1. Thanks Kelly Ann, on my off days (no scheduled run day) I walk on the treadmill and ride a stationary bike. I dropped back to week 1 today and was faster then the first time I did it. We will see where I am in a month.


    Thanks again

  2. Due to knee pain after completion of week 2 last week I am starting C25K over. Thinking my weight 250pounds on a 5'10" frame and the lack of proper leg muscles for running I am start back at the beginning and plan on doing week 1 for a month and see where I am after a month. Moving is better then not moving. Determined to be a runner.

  3. what is runners knee, I have heard of this but have no clues as to what it is, I am on week 2 day 3 and my knee has been hurting/sore since week 2 day 1 I gave it a extra day of rest and have been doing the ice the heat thing. It feels almost line a bruise ( kinds like when you bang your knee on a trailer hitch type pain ) sorry I'm from the south and that is the easiest way to explain it. Is this what runners knee feels like? And if so what should I do? Press through the pain or what?

    I know running will never be pain free. Advice or help. Is it runners knee?

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