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  1. Hiya, well done you are doing so well, how is your knee? I did week 3 day 2this morning, found it quite tough blogt I finished it lol I'm already dreading week 4 and I haven't finished 3 yet lol
  2. Hi Ariel,i did week 3 day 1 this morning, so surprised that I ran for 3mins lol I was quite tired though, but I did it, and that's all that matters, it wasn't half as bad as I thought it was going to be, hopefully day 2 runs just as smoothly, how are you getting on?
  3. Well I did week 2 day 3 this morning, tomorrow makes me very nervous, seems a lot of running lol but i suppose its just mind over matter and push on through, lets hope im back here tomorrow morning still sounding so confident hahaha
  4. Hi Ariel,that's great to hear, i keep looking at them days and thinking can I do that lol I did week 2 day 2 today and it's going great,i am nervous about week 3 though, longer spells of running and shorter walks lol keep up the great work
  5. Hi everyone, this morning I ran week 2 day 1, i feel accomplished as I thought I wouldn't run it and it wasn't to bad, run 6 was tough and I really felt it, I'm just about to leave kids to school and then I'm going swimming, hope everyone has a great run today
  6. Wow that's great what you did,you must be a very fit and knowledgeable person, its great this wee forum isn't it, i hope so much to feel so motivated when it starts to get harder lol I'm already looking at tomorrow's run and thinking omggg, i am quite unfit, the swimming is really helping tho I have to say,because I swim about 2 hours after the run and it just eases the burn up lol thanks for the support
  7. Kellyann i find if I go out early I will get it done far easier,i think if I waited about I'd find excuses lol I'm sure I will always need some words of encouragement lol Thanks TrishE, i also was a sporty person and lots of sport in my family, i just had kids and became lazy, also was a smoker, i quit 7 weeks ago and that is a big factor in me getting fit, i put weight on already from not smoking and being lazy lol so have gave myself a kick up the butt lol tHanaks for the lovely posts, its really good to have suport on this, definitely helps you keep going and keep on track!
  8. Hi kellyann, thanks for your message did you get out and do your run? I have never run in snow lol I live in the UK so we get lots of rain, we are coming into our summer soon so will be nice to run then, i went and did 20 lengths at the pool as well so had a good go at the exercise, i swim everyday, i love it, i will start doing proper warm ups and cool downs, don't want to injure myself..
  9. Morning, I woke this morning and honestly tried to talk myself out of the run as my legs hurt like hell, but I got up and I'm just back from my run, feel so much better for doing it, I never realised it went from week 1 day 3 straight into week 2, should I be scared lol I need to Google some good warm ups and warm downs as don't think I am doing enough, did you start on this as a running novice TrishE? You seem very knowledgeable about running,its so nice to have that on a forum
  10. Wow how brilliant,I only did day 2 today of week one and found that hard haha I really hope I can persevere threw the burn and the pain, I want to do this so much, that's why I joined this wee forum as well as i thought if I find myself trying to talk myself out of the run I can come on here and get my ass kicked lol
  11. Hi TrishE thanks for your reply, yes I will make sure to have rest days as I don't want to burn out lol i take it everyone on this forum is doing the couchto5k? I'm very excited about building myself up to running, I loved running as a teenager lol
  12. Thankyou for your reply KellyAnn, im very determined to lose this weight, i did my 1st day so pleased with myself as i had already done 30 lengths at the pool, I will do day two in the morning, hope I can manage as I ache a lot lol
  13. Hi everyone, I have just downloaded the app and plan on starting tomorrow, I am on the start of my 2nd week of swimming as well so hope to combine the two, have to lose some weight as have let myself go a lot and don't like what I am seeing lol also stopped smoking 7 weeks ago so need to keep active, hope everyone is well and enjoying pounding the streets lol Janet
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