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  1. Congrats! It's all good as long as you're moving! Keep it up!
  2. Congrats on taking that first step! You can do this!
  3. Thanks KellyAnn! Motivation is a big one for me, too. Taking it one step at a time.
  4. Hi All! I'm not new to running, but I am new to C25K. I've completed a couple of 5Ks in the past, but I needed something to help pace myself now because I'm trying to be more active after being sedentary for an extended period of time. I'm very much a fan of immediate gratification (who isn't, right?!) and tend to go too hard too soon... I have a bad habit of injuring myself as a result! Trying to avoid repeating past errors. I completed W1D1 today and was pleased to find it challenging, but not excruciating! Haha! Feeling accomplished and looking forward to making some progress with the program.
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