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  1. Just ran 2 miles!!!B)

  2. This is highly motivating for me as I’m just starting my journey this week, keep going at it DAVE!!
  3. My personal goals this year! 1 - Weigh 155lbs 2 - Have a good high protein diet 3 - Workout 3 times a week Any encouragement is greatly appreciated as I begin this journey to complete all three of these goals this year!
  4. Best luck to you on completing your goals! You got this!!!
  5. Hey Gavinaugh Here! Recently the realization hit me that I needed to lose weight and start concentrating on becoming the healthiest, best me I could become! Im 21 and weigh 181 lbs. with a BMI of 27.6! So I have a little work to do to reach MY target of 155 lbs! Im going to use the C25K app along with the MyFitnessPal app to try and achieve this goal of becoming my best-self!
  6. Gavinaugh

    What to do

    Hey you can setup reminders in the menu for which three days a week you would like to run and a time too. Just make sure to space your runs out by at least 1 break day so not to much exercise at once!
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