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  1. So i originally posted this on another forum and the advice I got was to get on this app. So here goes; I hope I'm in the right place. I just need some support I think. So I've been struggling with mental health for most of my life and about 4 years ago I turned everything around: I went through loads of therapy, had an ok amount of ups and a ridiculous amount of downs. Other things happened too: I had a baby, changed my career (started school again in my 30s), and am now about to move to a new place. Long story short, I am working on myself--a lot. And i am determined. I've listened to two books recently, Jog on by Bella Mackie and Depression hates a moving target by Nita Sweeney. Loved them both obviously, and could especially relate to the first one. So after a long consideration, I decided I will start jogging. The thing is, I've never jogged before and i have no idea what to do. I have separation anxiety and can get a panic attack from just leaving my place. I have eating and body image issues and hate moving, especially in front of other people. I am overweight and not in shape, but generally healthy. I had a baby a year ago. I'm 35. I can count so many reasons not to do this. Even though I've dealt with so many issues that i had in my life, I still feel like something is missing and i think jogging could help. It would get me outside, doing something physical on my own, give me that high that everyone is talking about, give me some me-time but also make me a part of a community, put me in a better shape, boost my confidence etc. It's catch 22-my issues could be helped by jogging, but i can't start jogging because of my issues. I'm just looking for some advice, community, support... i don't know. What do I do? All advice is welcome. Thank you for reading. Lou
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