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  1. I know if you burn more calories than you consume you lose weight. But I am asking how does it actually physically work. Where does the weight go? So there are some specific questions and then I'll leave it open to you guys to flush this topic out (get it). Let's say I eat a pound of broccoli, 150 calories, I must weig speed test h 1 pound more when I initially eat it (I hope) but according to nutrition science to gain a pound we need to consume 3000 more calories than we burn, so this weight must leave my body somehow. How? showbox When we work out if we burn 3000 calories we lose a pound, how does it actually leave the body? I think I saw somewhere that the reaction that burns fat leaves behind water and CO2 so this would imply that you sweat it out and breathe it out, just want more depth on this. Then I was trying to think of a scenario where there are more than 3000 calories in a pound of something you eat, let's say you eat a pound of pure fat, that's 9 calories per gram, so a little over 4000 calories. Holding all else constant if you eat a poun usps tracking d of fat will you gain more than a pound of weight and if so how?
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