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  1. So the C25K app (I have the Pro version) on the App Store says “New Featrues: Map History”. Cool. I use the app with my Apple Watch. It’s great. I go for a run. Then I sync back to the phone. Works fine. It then pops up a map of my run. I press done. Now the map of my run is gone. Can’t find it anywhere. When I click on my previous run at the bottom I see my respective history or distance and calories. But the map history is nowhere. I’ve emailed support but somehow the correspondence kept missing the point of the question. (Frustrating actually) So can you or can you not view your map history of your runs in the iPhone? And if so does this not work when using an Apple watch (series 5) in standalone? I know it has the data. I know it sends the data to the phone app. But where does it go? TIA
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