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  1. I’m 42 and hadn’t done anything exercise wise since stopping playing football at 35. I put on around 10kg in that time and decided it was time to get back on the horse. I have completed my second run of 25 minutes gradually building up through several phases. Everyone is different but some things I do that I think has help and sorry if telling you to suck lemons... Start at the very beginning and complete per instruction working through each phase. I take at least 1 day to recover but no more than 3 days. The 1st of 3 runs I go slow because completing them and progressing is my aim, not the time I do it in. I listen to music and choose with a rhythm that matches my pace. Breath consistent throughout. I breath in = 4 steps and breath out = 4 steps. Minimal body movement / bounce.l because it uses energy. Hope some of this is of some help.
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