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  1. Here are the 7 best fitness tips : 1. Find Your WHY (Burning Desire) Do you know your reason why? It’s your reason why that spurs you to action and keeps you from quitting. If your reason why isn’t big enough, you’ll stay on the couch, or at least go back to it after a few weeks. Find a big enough reason why and you’ll push through to success. Do you know your reason why? Well figure it out! 2. Eliminate Negativity (Yeah, People, Too!) Sadly, some of the biggest obstacles to overcome when trying to make positive changes in your life are your friends and family. They have many reasons, I’m sure, from trying to “protect” you or your self-esteem to trying to sabotage you out of fear because if you make all these positive changes you might just leave them behind. 3. Hit The Big Compound Movements Compound movements give you the most bang for your buck, whether you want to jack up your metabolism so you burn tons of calories and drop fat, or you want to add pounds of muscle mass and reshape your body. This means stay away from the isolation work, whether it's concentration curls with a dumbbell. Focus on the big movements. Movements like the following: All kinds of squats and lunges Dips, Pull ups and chin ups All kinds of push ups Standing presses Kettle-bell or Dumbbell Swings Turkish Get Up Kettle-bell or Dumbbell Snatches All kinds of dead lifts All kinds of rows 4. Quality Over Quantity It’s not about how long you workout but about how smart you workout (and yeah, hard too, although you don’t want to go all out all the time, hence the smart). Don’t just go into the gym and run yourself into the ground for two hours (or do something really crazy and stupid like pedal the stationary bike for two hours while reading a magazine without even breaking a sweat) 5. Find Support Most people are much more likely to stick to something when they have the necessary support from others. Sadly many people in our lives are our worst enemies when we want to change ourselves and our lives for the better. Tell them to shut the F up and find real support. Yes, even online works if you don't have anyone in life that is supportive of the changes you are trying to make. Forums, blogs, email newsletters, social media, these can all be places 6. Get Stronger Even if your goal is to “tone up” (no such thing) or lose fat, you still need to get stronger. It makes everything easier. Strength is the starting point for everything you do in everyday life, not just in your workouts. If you want to get out of that chair you better have the thigh strength to do it. You can't even press down the gas pedal without some level of strength. When training, no matter your goals, don't forget some strength training. 7. Read a eBook eBooks are a good source of knowledge. Nowadays physical books are getting old and so the shift to digital Books/eBooks is necessary. eBooks are very interesting and provide a new way of thinking. If you don’t have a eBook, don’t worry. I managed to get you the eBook Fitness Hacks To Transform Your Body worth $20 for Free. This Book contains 52 Tips and Secrets to ensure your Fitness Goals. As you know Knowledge is Power Claim it now
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