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  1. My son is 5 months now. The last I checked I weighed 176lbs and that was when i was 6 months pregnant, I think I have gained more. My son is still breast feeding too. I was a runner prior to falling pregnant. I tried to run during the pregnancy but I couldn't, it was too painful. 5 months later I ran 5Ks and my pelvic was acheing so much. But I wanna try again I need to lose the weight. I have tried hiit and other forms of exercise and I am not seeing any results, so i am going to run
  2. I could run 10ks and started with C25K, I could do 10K within 1h20. I never did any running during my pregnancy, anytime I tried I woul have pelvic pains. I still have these pains postpartum. I wanna run again, how do I even get back I am so scared. I am doing my first run tomorrow
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