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  1. Hi Barbara! My name is Debbie and I'm 61. I've never run in my life (life time hx of asthma), but watched as my mother went down so fast after she retired, and am determined to not follow that road. She was a total couch potato, not interested in anything outside the tv and her little dog. She passed away Easter morning in the nursing home she had been in for less than 6 months - and with the lock down we're going through, sadly she died alone. My daughter recommended this app to help me get started so here I am! I mostly just want to get healthier and stronger. Something we have in common is writing! I've loved writing since I was a young woman. Yesterday I was thinking about starting a blog and will be pursuing that in the next few weeks. I totally understand you wanting to meet people that are "living life" instead of waiting it out. My best friend is 71, works a full time job and raising her 5 year old great grandson. She's the most awesome woman I'm blessed enough to know, but her idea of a great day is being able to go out to eat without him and just rest - which I can understand, but I really need to get moving! I live in the country with chickens, guineas and dogs, none of which are conducive to running. Our country road is narrow and I have to dodge tractors and big trucks, but over all they've been very nice - even honking and waving! I've had trouble with my hips and ankles, but so far so good. I'm starting off slow and really excited to get started on this journey!
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