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  1. Hi Mary! I have 5 Irish great grandparents who came over in the early 1900s. I don’t know how they met the one English person and Bohemians though who became family. I am using the app at a lower level but am still excited after my first day. Congratulations and good luck. SZ
  2. Hi Join me in adapting these apps to your exercise level These apps were recommended by my job. I am using them at a slower pace. I have recommended them to an exercise nut and a person with an orthopedic disability. We are adapting them to our level. Instead of jogging I am using faster walking. I hope my friend can use both sit-walking and walking slowly for their workout. Sit walking is moving your feet while sitting I am also using the other apps to get on my other training. Instead of squats I am starting with getting up and down from the floor using the chair. Maybe I can add wall pushups soon This is what happens if you don’t keep up an exercise routine all your life! i did my first week c25k today. SZ
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