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  1. I'd LOVE to do a RunDisney race as well! That would be the ultimate! I've run several 5K's, one 10K and then dropped off to nothing due to some issues with my back. I'm using the app to get back in the swing of things and starting all over again. I would also love to get to the point where a 1/2 marathon is an actual possibility. I see you posted first in November. How's it going for you now??
  2. Disregard! I see what happened. I chose Week 2 Day 1 but my app jumped back to Week 1. It did it again yesterday but I was able to correct it.
  3. Hi - I'm new here and enjoying the program so far. I've been a runner for a while but am just getting back into it after taking a couple of years off. I'm on my second week of the program. Yesterday, I chose Week 2 Day 1 and the voiceover still said I'd be running for 1 m but the wording at the top of the screen says that the running intervals should be 90 s for week 2. Has anyone else experienced that? Thanks!
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