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  1. This is my 3rd time doing C25K. First time did the whole thing on a treadmill which doesn't translate to running outside so it didn't go anywhere once I'd finished. Second time I did it outside and kept going and eventually got up to doing 3-5 mile runs, long runs of 10 miles and even a half marathon. A bum knee due to a fall on the ice put a stop to that. It's been several years, but I am starting again...just did week 2, day 2 this morning. Taking the day off is pretty important, especially if you're starting as someone who wasn't running at all at the beginning. Trying to do too m
  2. Like Juls said, not getting enough O2. There was an article I saw online at Runner's World once upon a time that talked about breathing with/from your belly. I was able to Google it, but RW blurs it out if you're not paying for it. Basically talked about breathing deep to get enough O2 should come from your diaphragm and not your chest. When you're running and trying to breathe deep, it should almost look like you're trying to show off a beer belly.
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